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    The Cork Blog

    Exclusive Printed Cork Fabrics

    Exclusive Printed Cork Fabrics

    Sheer diversity of collections and innovations are what make us the connoisseur of Fabrics and beyond. The very first phase of our digital prints start with tons of research and experimentation. Each design, style and color are chosen according to trend analysis to give a fabric with which, you can create accessories and more look top notch.

    A chic assortment of pretty florals, catchy animal prints, intriguing abstract prints and many more now available in a vegan cork fabric. Charismatic, the collection is finished on a base of soft cotton, create flattering and unique products now with ease. We are thrilled to see the exciting results and outcomes of your latest projects with our printed cork collection.

    -These are easy to sew into any complex design.

    -They do not bleed color and are waterproof.

    -New, smart and interesting patterns.

    - PETA Approved Vegan Leather Natural Cork Fabric


    Scallop Fan Florals


    Brushy Mountain Waves


    Botanical Floral Bursts


    Checkered Chess Leopard Print


    Ethnic Elephant Animal Print


    Blue Poppies


    Lovely White Daisy Pattern


    Red Poppies


    Celebrate Mother's Day with Cork

    Celebrate Mother's Day with Cork

    As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s that time to show them the strong and unique bond you hold with them. It's a day we remember and celebrate mothers everywhere and we are more thrilled than ever to celebrate, appreciate and show our mothers how much they mean to us. 

    Motherhood comes with so many rewards, but also great challenges. Balancing the demands of family responsibilities along with other life pressures can be tricky. Among those million efforts, love and care they show on us, they hold their own unique charm. 

    Gift them one of their Favorite vegan bag or accessory and notice that smile on their face :)

    Arbor Day is Every Day!

    Arbor Day is Every Day!

    National Arbor’s Day is April 30, 2021. Usually it’s that time of the year to take complete opportunity to get close to the earth. Of course every day is earth day! Our greens are something we are always grateful for and we love looking at them grow. 
    Current COVID makes this year very different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it!
    The spirit of Arbor’s Day is still strong, and let’s get creative with our ideas to plant more trees this season. Unleash the arborist in you.

    What's Your Type Of Bag?

    What's Your Type Of Bag?

    Bags are more than just an accessory to carry your keys, wallet, and other necessities. They’re the ultimate combination of function and fashion, perfectly blending utility with sophistication,

    With so many styles of handbags to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which best fits your lifestyle and needs. There are different kinds of handbags for different occasions, whether you’re a corporate worker, taking a trip to the beach, heading to the gym, or getting ready for a party.

    Confused choosing the bag that best suits the occasion? No problem, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll explore the various types of bags, so you can easily decide which are best suited for your closet:

    Happy Women’s Day!!!

    Happy Women’s Day!!!

    International Women's Day is meant to celebrate all the achievements of women across the world-- all the contributions they've made to social, economic, cultural and political advancements. So, we at MB Cork would love to thank each and every woman who has made us grow, been there with us, supported us and made us strong. With the majority of our clientele being women, we have always been grateful to serve you guys the best of our products. 

    We would love to say and will always say that we as a team love to see women grow strong, bold and happy.